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Because of its nice large mirror, this is my best telescope for visual observing.  I bought it from a commercial vendor in 1995, but in 2005 I rebuilt it from the ground up, so that only a few parts except for the mirrors remain from the original telescope.  My main goals in rebuilding the telescope were to make one that:

  • Could be assembled and disassembled without tools
  • Had an open back for faster cooling of the mirror
  • Had an equatorial tracking platform
  • Was equipped with digital setting circles

The finished product has all of these features, plus one more:  While I was rebuilding the rest of the scope, I had the main mirror refigured by Swayze Optical.  It is now diffraction-limited and yields very sharp images, even at high magnification.








  This portion of the telescope is heavy, but it can be transported in a minivan.
  The trusses are easy to lock in place with the black knobs.
  After the shroud and the secondary cage are put in place, the scope is ready for viewing.