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Double star in Aries

This is a pair of white or blue-white stars of about equal brightness, making a nice sight in a telescope at medium to high power. Both of these stars are more than twice as massive as our Sun and about 50 times as luminous. The distance between them is 357 astronomical units, and their orbital period is more than 5000 years.

Magnitudes 4.6, 4.6
Separation 7.6"
Distance (light yrs) 164
Right Ascension 1:53.5
Declination +19 18
Field of View 26' x 17'

Image details:  Five exposures each of 1/80, 1/20, 1/5, 1, and 4 seconds at ISO 12800, taken with a Canon T6i camera through a Meade 14” LX850 telescope at f/8. 

January 2018