Galaxy in Camelopardalis

This face-on spiral galaxy, also known as Caldwell 5, is large but fairly dim. Situated in the northern constellation Camelopardalis, it is obscured by dust from our own Milky Way galaxy. Nevertheless, its classic spiral shape can be seen. At an estimated distance of 10.7 million light years, it is one of the closer spiral galaxies to us.

Magnitude 9.1
Apparent Size 21'
Distance (light yrs) 10.7 million
Right Ascension 3:46.8
Declination +68 06
Field of View 29' x 22'

Image details:  Exposure times of 66 minutes luminance, and 30 minutes each of red, green, and blue, taken with an SBIG ST-8300M imager and a 14" Meade LX850 telescope at f/6.

October 2015