Jupiter and moons with Uranus, Sept. 25, 2010 (Roll over image for labels) HOME INDEX BACK NEXT



During September 2010, Jupiter and Uranus appeared very close together from our vantage point on Earth (though of course, Uranus was actually much farther away). On this particular night, they were just about 1 degree apart, roughly the width of two full moons. Uranus has its distinctive green-blue color, which is readily seen through the eyepiece of just about any telescope. Jupiter displays one dark cloud band, but at this time its second large band (the South Equatorial Belt) had virtually disappeared from view.

Image details:  Mosaic consisting of eight 1/10-second exposures of Uranus, eight 1/10-second exposures of Jupiter's moons, and 16 1/500-second exposures of Jupiter, all at ISO 1600 with a Canon 400D camera and a Meade 12-inch telescope at f/6.8.

September 25, 2010