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Galaxy in Virgo

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As it crosses through the southern sky each spring, the Sombrero Galaxy is a popular target for galaxy observers. It can be seen with telescopes large and small. Its bright nucleus and sharply pointed arms are fairly easy to see. The lower half of the galaxy, below the broad dust lane, is dimmer and requires a reasonably dark sky to see well. distance of more than 60 million light years.

Magnitude 8.3
Apparent Size 9' x 4'
Distance (light yrs) 29 million
Right Ascension 12:40.0
Declination -11 37

Image details:  Exposure times of 36 minutes luminance and 12 minutes each of red, green, and blue, taken with an SBIG ST-8300M imager and a 14" Meade LX850 telescope at f/6.

June 2014