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Globular cluster in Hercules

This wide-field view of the magnificent cluster Messier 13 also includes the 12th magnitude galaxy NGC 6207, in the upper left corner of the frame. With a telescope of moderate aperture and a low-power eyepiece, both of these objects can be seen in the same field of view. They offer an interesting contrast. The galaxy is vastly larger and contains hundreds of millions of stars, but it appears dim from our perspective because it is several thousands of times farther away than Messier 13.

Another, much dimmer galaxy, IC 4617, lies slightly above the point midway between Messier 13 and NGC 6207, just to the right of 4 stars that form a small parallelogram. I have been able to glimpse this oblong 15th magnitude galaxy through my 18-inch telescope at high power, but it is a challenge to see it.

Magnitude 5.8
Apparent Size 20'
Distance (light yrs) 22,000
Right Ascension 16:41.7
Declination +36 28

Image details:  16 images, each 150 seconds at ISO 1600, taken with a Canon 400D camera through a Meade 12” telescope at f/6.7.

June 2010