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Spiral galaxies in Pegasus

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This pair of galaxies can be found about 6 degrees to the west of the Great Square of Pegasus. NGC 7339 (on the left) is a 12th magnitude barred spiral galaxy that is oriented nearly edge-on. It is about 71 million light years away.

Nearby NGC 7332 is classified as an SO peculiar galaxy. One unusual feature is that its nuclear bulge appears rectangular in shape. In addition, whereas its neighbor NGC 7339 has colors that are typical for a spiral galaxy, NCG 7332 appears almost colorless.

NGC 7332:

Magnitude 11.0
Apparent Size 3.0' x 0.7'
Distance (light yrs) 74 million
Right Ascension 22:37.8
Declination +23 48
Field of View 29' x 22'

Image details:  Exposure times of 54 minutes luminance, and 27 minutes each of red, green, and blue, taken with an SBIG ST-8300M imager and a 14" Meade LX850 telescope at f/6.

October 2017