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Two open clusters in Perseus

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This beautiful pair of star clusters is quite easy to see with the naked eye in the northern skies during the fall and winter months.  The two clusters appear as a single elongated fuzzy patch.  With binoculars, the clusters become many pinpoints of light in two dense groups.  Through a telescope at low power, hundreds of stars can be seen in each of the two clusters.  Several of the brightest stars, which are red giants, have an orange tint both visually and in this photograph.

NGC 869:

Magnitude 4.3
Apparent Size 30'
Distance (light yrs) 7,100
Right Ascension 02:19.0
Declination +57.09

NGC 884:

Magnitude 4.4
Apparent Size 30'
Distance (light yrs) 7,400
Right Ascension 02:22.0
Declination +57 08

Image details:  12 images, each 90 seconds at ISO 1600, taken with a Canon 400D camera through a Meade 12” telescope at f/5.4.

November 2008