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Galaxy group in Pisces

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NGC 383 is the brightest member of a group of galaxies in Pisces. The group extends beyond the field of view, but this image shows 11 galaxies listed in the New General Catalog (NGC) and many dimmer galaxies. Roll over the image to see the NGC numbers of these galaxies.

The largest and brightest galaxies seen here form a chain oriented north-to-south. Most of these galaxies are classified as elliptical galaxies, as they are oval and have no spiral arms. Several of the galaxies are bright enough to be seen in medium-sized amateur telescopes. NGC 383 is thought to be a vast distnace of about 250 million light years away, and the distances to other members of the group range from about 210 to 290 million light years.

NGC 383:

Magnitude 13.1
Apparent Size 2.4' x 2.0'
Distance (light yrs) 250 million
Right Ascension 1:07.4
Declination +32 25

Image details:  Exposure times of 66 minutes luminance and 27 minutes each of red, green and blue, taken with an SBIG ST-8300M imager and a 14" Meade LX850 telescope at f/6.

November 2017