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Lenticular galaxy in Andromeda

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NGC 404 is classified as a lenticular galaxy, which means that its shape is somewhere in between that of a spiral galaxy and an elliptical galaxy. It is easy to locate because it is less than 7 minutes of arc northwest of the 2nd magnitude Mirach (Beta Andromeda), the intensely bright star in this image. Despite its proximity to such a bright star, the galaxy is not hard to see.

Magnitude 10.3
Apparent Size 3.5' x 3.5'
Distance (light yrs) 10 million
Right Ascension 1:09.4
Declination +35 43

Image details:  18 images, each 120 seconds at ISO 1600 with a Canon 400D camera through a Meade 12” telescope at f/10. 

November 2008