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This section of the Milky Way on the border of Sagittarius and Scorpius is low in the south for mid-northern latitudes.  But if you have a clear view of the southern horizon from a dark location on a late summer evening, the two open clusters Messier 6 (right of center) and Messier 7 (bottom center) can be seen without optical aid, appearing as two small fuzzy patches below the large sections of the Milky Way to the upper left.  Through a good pair of binoculars, the two clusters appear just about as they do in this photograph.

Click here for a close-up view of Messier 6.

Image details:  6-minute exposure on Kodak Ektar 1000 film using a Canon camera and an Aero-Ektar lens with a focal length of 178 mm. 

July 1992